Adult Korowai-Contemporary Korowai Designs

Adult Korowai

Adult Korowai traditionally known as Kakahu, or Māori feather cloaks, were traditionally worn for special occasions and represented the Mana, or prestige and power of the person wearing it. Our modern takes on traditional Korowai are perfect for celebrating the important occasions in the lives of people in your whānau or hapū.

Available in full, haurua (half) and hauwha (quarter) lengths, our Māori cloaks have been used to mark and celebrate weddings, graduations, tangi (funerals), birthdays and other special occasions.

We create many different colour combinations and Korowai patterns, with either traditional or our own taniko band designs. Matching headbands are available  in some designs and when worn with your Korowai work to make a special, complete look.

This Korowai size chart  will allow you to select the perfect size.