korowai Sizing charts

How to measure for your Korowai

Korowai can be worn several ways, either wrapped right around the body at the height of your upper arms, over one shoulder and under the opposite arm, or so that it just covers the tops of your shoulders.

A Korowai that fits correctly can usually be worn any way that you choose.

To measure someone to find the size of Korowai that will fit them best, grab a tape measure and measure all the way around the upper body and upper arms, just below the shoulders. This measurement is the biggest width of korowai you should order. If your measurement falls between two of our sizes, go for the smaller one. This will give you some space to tie it up. If you order a Contemporary Korowai that is bigger than your actual measurement, it may be difficult to keep on even when worn around the shoulders if it is tied as tight as the strings will allow.

Korowai for Children Size Chart

We create Korowai for children from newborn through to ten to eleven years old and young .

These are perfect to celebrate the arrival of a new member of the whānau, birthdays, or special occasions such as happy school days when finishing kohanga or ECE, finishing at primary schools, or for kapahaka and other celebrations and performances.

Our children’s Korowai are sized by age groups, but please measure your child to check that the Cloak will fit them properly.

Childrens Korowai Sizing

Adult full Korowai Size chart

Adult Maori Korowai Full Length Sizing

These Korowai Cloaks are approximately 100cm long and are designed to come all the way down the back, and dependant on how tall you are, will come to somewhere between your knees and calf muscle. The width varies based on size, from 90 to 140cm.

Adult haurua (half) korowai size chart

These Māori cloaks are approximately 50cm long and depending on your height, come to the lower back or upper thighs of the wearer.

Adult Maori Cloak Half Length Sizing

Adult Hauwha (quarter) Korowai Cape size chart

Adult Quarter Korowai Sizing

At approximately 25cm long these Māori Korowai cape wrap around your shoulders and come part way down your upper back. Quarter length Korowai also look great when worn over one shoulder and under the other.

Tangi Korowai

Our standard Korowai for a tangi, suitable for draping over a coffin, is 1.5m long and 1.1m wide. If you require a different sized Korowai, please contact me and we can discuss your needs.

Custom korowai

If you need a Korowai that is a bit different from the standard sizes that we make, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’m happy to talk to you about your needs, suggest what might suit
you best, and give you a price for your custom Korowai.

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Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. If your order is urgent, please message us via our Facebook as we may be able to accommodate your urgent request.