Heat Pack - Koru & Fern Heru
Heat Pack

Heat Pack - Koru & Fern Heru

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A great gift for any special lady in your life, we have teamed up our new Heat Pack with our Fern Heru.  The Fern is a significant representation of Kiwiana. 

Our heat packs are made from 100% Cotton Fabric and Jasmine Rice. 

Jasmine Rice is recommended for wheat packs as it heats better, feels nicer, smells more pleasant and retains heat better than buck wheat.  

Measurement: 42cm x 13cm

It is absolutely essential to put a mug with some water in the microwave at the same time as you heat your hot pack. When heating a new hot pack, heat it up in 30-second intervals, testing after each interval, until you learn how long it takes to heat up your pack without scorching it.

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