NZ Greenstone Jade Toki Large
Contemporary Korowai Designs

NZ Greenstone Jade Toki Large

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A very large traditional NZ Greenstone pendant hand carved in stunning kahurangi with flower jade by carver Hori Awhimate. This stone is from Douglas Creek located at the bottom of the South Island.

This design represents the Toki or Adze ("adz" in American English) which was used to carve the great canoes and also to cut and work timber for the fortresses or Pahs in which the Maori lived.  It was such an important tool in Maori life that it became regarded as a symbol of power, authority and good character.  It is also the mark of the craftsman and artist.

This beautiful piece includes an adjustable braid cord and a detailed description of the meaning of the carvings.   

75mm Long 13mm Deep 

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